Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

CHARLES CITY, Iowa –  No matter what the future forecast holds, we are focusing on the beautiful weather.

But as the sun shines into our homes it may be shining a light on some dirt and grime from the winter.

And it’s time to start up with the spring clean up.

Meet three and half year old Clara and her one year old sister Kelsie from CharlesCity.

They’re on day two of helping mom spring clean, and for their mom, Allie Novak, it’s a task she can’t help but dread.

“Not really, but we were in an apartment now we’re in a house so we accumulated more than what we normally so it’s a lot more cleaning now that I have two little ones to help,” said Novak.

She says the key to getting this cleaning done is getting her little helpers involved.

“Usually we clean the tables, vacuum the floors, do the dishes and now it’s more washing the windows since its nicer outside. They went out and swept the deck yesterday because of all the little birds,” said Novak.

So here it goes.

The vacuuming, the curtain cleaning, and the just sprucing up of the home.

But sometimes once you start cleaning you realize you’ve collected a lot of junk you may not want.

And that’s where your local landfill comes in handy.

“Well when the weather starts clearing up we see a lot more people who get the urge to get out and clean stuff out of the garage or wherever. They bring it out to us and expect to have some place to put it,” said Bill Rowland, Director at Landfill of North Iowa.

Rowland says while folks aren’t flocking to the landfill quite yet they will be soon.

So he wants to remind everyone that while throwing everything out is a great feeling of relief, to make you’re watching out for those dangerous chemicals you may be tossing.

“Well that just, it makes up a small percentage of the waste treatment that we throw that could be thrown away but it has the most potential impact with the environment,” said Rowland.

And while Allie and her two munchkins aren’t throwing much out, she suggests always trying to find fun in the work, and get it done of course.

“Before her birthday, before Easter hopefully,” said Novak.

Make sure to check out the website of your local landfill to see what items they accept.

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