Spring is here!


It’s been a rough winter, but that season is behind us, at least according to the calendar.

“This is the first day of spring and we’ve got a beautiful sunshiny day,” says Gardener of North Iowa club member, Mary Hamiel.

The flowers are out and people’s moods have brightened as they gather for a gardening seminar in Mason City.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, hopefully we can start next month, right Carol?”

Mary and Carol are a part of the gardeners of north Iowa and they’ve been anticipating the spring season maybe more than anyone else.

They’re hoping to add a few more members to their club, which does some gardening work at local parks in the area.

Spring began for Becky Litterer about a month ago. She owns Becky’s Greenhouse and says a lot of her customers have been itching to get out into their gardens.

“People are ready for something green, and that’s why we do live in Iowa because we do have 4 season, but I think I have to say, we’ll have a 5th season, mud,” says Litterer.

Other venders gathered to show off their new products for the season, like Eric Hejna who just started Green Thumb Castings about a year ago.

He says folks can start planting earlier than you may think.

“With their house plants right now you can put them in that, just to get them going for the spring time, it’s been a long winter. About in April people start getting outside, hopefully the weather comes around for us,” he explains.

Snow on the ground or not, many people here are just excited for the change of season.

“I’m ready for spring, I’ve already bought a lot of flowers and I’m wearing sandals today and no socks! Happy Spring, yeah! First day of spring Yippee Skippy.”

This was the 11th annual “Come Bloom with Us” Gardening Seminar and organizers were thrilled by the turn out. They say there were about 150 people there.

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