Could a DNA test replace the Pap Smear?

new Pap test-vo

A DNA test could soon be replacing the Pap Smear test when it comes to cervical cancer prevention.

An FDA advisory committee is recommending that the human papillomavirus test replace the Pap test, which involves examining a cervical sample under a microscope.

OBGYN’s in our area say that HPV testing has been used jointly with pap testing.

“If a woman is negative for HPV the chances of her getting cervical cancer are very low. Now impossible, but very low. So the theory is if she’s negative for HPV, she won’t develop cervical cancer therfore wouldn’t need that Pap Smear,” says Dr. Jonna Quinn, with the Mercy Medical Center OBGYN Clinic.

She also wanted to stress that women still come in for a regular pap test and a yearly exam.

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