Future doctors find their match


ROCHESTER, Minn. – It was a big day for medical students throughout the country as they find out where they will be studying for the next few years.

Mayo med students from all around are opening their envelopes just months from graduation, but according to students in our area, the sense of relief is well worth the wait.

“It’s just really exciting, it’s terrifying in some respects that you still don’t know where you going to be for the next three, four or more years,” said Kirk Wyatt, studying pediatrics.

That’s right, students from all across the country are opening their envelopes at the same time not knowing where they’re residency will take them.

“I’m couples matching with my girlfriend. She is doing OB/GYN and I’m doing pediatrics and so for us it was kind of a compromise of what works best for both of us and so most about just ended up coming to your gut feeling and how you do you feel? Does the program feel like great fit for you,” said Wyatt.

“It’s a real it’s been a lot of buildup for the past few months just getting to this point and obviously this is the end of four years of training so we spent two months on the interview trail going to post of different programs and trying to figure out if that’s the right place for us and if were the right person for them,” said Justin Juskewitch, studying pathology and lab medicine.

Whatever their reasons may be, Dean Scherine Gabriel says they help match students with the best criteria for both the students and the institutions they’ll be joining.

“We try to make sure that they understand what their best options are based on their capabilities and their interests and even things like where their family is from their personal likes and dislikes because often times with a matching not only determines the next three or six years of their lives but a lot of them actually end up making that area home,” said Gabriel.

This is the second year in a row where all graduates were matched with a residency program.

70 percent of all students were accepted to their first choice of institutions and 90 percent were accepted to their top three.

“They’re going to do terrific wherever they end up. We’re just immensely proud of them,” said Gabriel.

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