Ribbons for Jesse

CHARLES CITY, IA – Last September, a rollover crash in Mitchell County left 1 dead and 5 injured. At that time, police told us that a vehicle lost control and rolled several times in an area north of Highway 9.

The man driving was 23-year-old Tylor Patrick of Osage. Last month he was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and drunk driving.

Jesse Wilson lost his life in the accident.

Now, his family is doing what they can to raise awareness for drunk driving and getting justice for Jesse.

Everyone knows when you get behind the wheel after a night of drinking you are not only risking your own life, but the lives of those in the car with you. One family is reminded of that every day when their son, dad, boyfriend, and brother isn’t there anymore.

“We will not let anybody forget because we sure won’t,” says Jesse’s sister LeTasha Baxter.

That’s why those in Charles City are seeing orange and black as they drive down the streets. Jesse’s family is raising awareness for drinking and driving and wanting justice for Jesse.

“I just really want people to be aware that this can happen to anybody’s children, family, you know, we need to stop some of the stuff that’s going on. This drinking and driving, the drugs and the driving and make sure your children are careful who they get in the car with,” comments Jesse’s mom, Bobbie Jo Putney.

You might be wondering, why the orange and black? Well, Jesse loved Harley Davidson motorcycles.

“He had you know down to a T what he wanted and he always wore Harley Davidson shirts and just loved Harley,” says Baxter.

Actually he was just getting the paperwork completed to attend MMI or the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Florida.

One thing is for sure, you never really understand the effects of drinking and driving until you or your family is affected, but then it’s too late.

As for Tylor Patrick, Jesse’s family is hoping he receives the maximum sentence.

“We’re hoping that it gets taken care of and he is held responsible for what happened because there’s three kids that you know, they’ll never get the chance to know their dad,” says mother of Jesse’s two youngest children, Cassandra Paul.

The trial date for Tylor Patrick has been set for May 14th. On the 22nd, Jesse’s friends and family will be visiting several Iowa towns including Mason City, Boone, and Osage to raise awareness on drinking and driving and receive justice for Jesse.

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