Support will be discontinued for Windows XP users


KIMT News 3 – Windows XP users might want to consider switching operating systems, and soon.

Microsoft announced that on April 8th, they will no longer be providing support for the system.

This means that they will stop providing technical assistance and updates meaning it will be left vulnerable to hackers.

Regular updates keep those predators out so without these updates “holes” develop. This is especially scary for banks protecting our funds or other businesses which hold valuable customer information, which gives them no choice but to update their systems.

One local expert says hackers are always looking for these holes in the system.

“Theres holes out there that Microsoft didn’t realize at the time, and most programmers don’t, but there are people out there that keep looking and looking for these holes and try to show their expertise by finding these,” says Randy Lewis with Merritt Computers in Mason City.

The lack of support can also mean that newer phones, cell phones, or printers might not connect with your computer. If you want to leer on the side of caution and update your system, Microsoft’s website has your options.

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