“Scouting for Food” in Albert Lea


After the holiday rush, many food pantries in our area tend to see a slow down in donations, however many are working to help more families get food than ever before.

To help combat hunger in their hometowns, a group of boy scouts hit the trails today to Scout for Food.

Alex Becker and Logan Petersen are what you call Boy Scout veterans, they’ve both been scouts since they were in about 3rd grade.

They’ve participated in several Scouting for Food events in their years as boy scouts, but this year is a little different.

This year they’re standing post at an Albert Lea grocery store to let people know about the need for food donations in the community.

“People can buy those and they just get put on a truck,” explains Petersen

It’s all to help out with the annual Scouting for Food event.

“It’s a pretty fun time, I think some of the little one’s look forward to it,” says Gina Wadding.

Wadding is organizing this year’s food drive which supports the Ecumenical Food Pantry and the Albert Lea Salvation Army.

“We passed out things to put on their door handles that tell you they have food or they hang grocery bags from the door handles,” explain the Scouts.

“We are going through the town and checking every single home for food that people have placed on their steps,” adds Wadding.

Captain Jim Brickson with the Salvation Army says this event is huge for local food banks.

“This one is really super important it helps engage our younger generation into something that really matters in our community,” he says.

The goal is to collect 4,000 pounds of food, which will go towards filling the shelves of pantries that tend to be a little emptier this time of year.

“This is kind of our bank time this is the time when we can try to save up a little bit try to make our time stretch a little bit. So this is an extremely important and tough time for us to think about the future, the next few months,” says Captain Brickson.

Helping out local families in need while learning a valuable lesson.

“Be a volunteer so when they get older they can be apart of our community and know what they’re doing and to add something,” says Wadding

“Makes you feel pretty good just helping people it’s pretty easy for everyone,” says Petersen.

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