Bringing history to life

Fashion through the ages

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Walking through a museum gives you a pretty good overview of historical times, however seeing history come to life is even more captivating.

On Sunday, the Olmsted County Historical Society in Rochester hosted a historical fashion show at the Ramada Inn.

The sold out event highlighted clothing from the 1820 to the 1880s.

Models wearing everyday outfits and accessories circled through the filled room to show off how people used to dress decades ago.

Leah Brey-Fratzke, the Olmsted County Historical Society Education Program Coordinator says an event like this helps people understand what clothing said about people and their position in society and also, how things changed over the years.

“When you come to a museum a lot of the artifacts that you don’t see that are in our vaults are actually clothing,” Brey-Fratzke said, “it all helps to represents all of all of the decades and eras that have gone by and it tells us about women’s roles and their perceptions of society.”

The garments in the performance on Sunday were designed by Joy Melcher, a historical designer for museums, stage performances and films.

Melchler most recently designed the costumes for a Saturday Night Live skit about the film ‘12 Years a Slave’.

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