Big changes are in store for one shuttle service

Stop changes to health shuttle

MASON CITY, Iowa – A local bus service for health patients is changing routes after a big change in health care coverage in the state of Iowa.

The new health and wellness plan through the affordable care act gives patients more of an opportunity to stay in town for appointments, rather than traveling to other cities.

Kevin Kramer, the transit administrator for Mason City says that because of all of the new opportunities, the transit bus system has seen to cuts to their services.

“It’s easier for the participants because now they don’t have to travel great distances to go to their medical appointments,” he said, “but at the same time, we are a system that is all performance-based so it’s either you use it or lose it.”

The shuttle will continue to run routes to and from Marshalltown and Iowa City from Mason City so Kramer is thankful things are still running, but their Fort Dodge stops is one that has been eliminated.

On top of continuing to run shuttle shifts to and from hospitals, Kramer says his crews are getting involved in a new employment shuttle system.

“A lot of employers here are having trouble getting workers,” Kramer said, “the available pool of workers are those that can’t drive, or can’t afford transportation, so this is an affordable transportation option for them.”

The shuttle is a very inexpensive form of transportation sitting at $20 per trip to Iowa City available every Wednesday and Thursday and $10 round trip tickets to Marshalltown on Mondays

Reservations are required for the service but can be made by calling 641-423-2262.

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