STEM day of learning

STEM day at MCHS

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s quite learning day for some students at one local high school as they’re getting first hand knowledge on the benefits of getting involved with science, technology, engineering, and math.

It’s all part of Governor Branstad’s push for Iowa’s STEM program.

Through the eyes of a student, seeing a brain in the palm of someone’s hand can be well, interesting.

But for Des Moines University Med Student, Emily Boes, it’s amazing.

“Today’s been really good I think it’s important to be able to have the kids get the exposure to the medical field then. There are so many different opportunities for a career in healthcare,” said Emily.

And that’s why Emily is doing her best to show this group of students from Mason CityHigh School how cool and mind blowing science can be.

“They are really taken aback by it, they can’t imagine that the liver is really that big or we have a lung with tumors in it and that blows their mind so that’s pretty cool,” said Emily.

And that’s exactly what Science Teacher Heidi Bonebrake from the high school is hoping for.

“The kids get to see and experience things that I can’t bring to them you know actual human organs that we’re donated by somebody so they get to see what they really look like as opposed to a pig,” said Bonebrake.

Ms. Bonebrake is one of two teachers with the school who applied to be a part of the STEM Scale-Up Program.

From suturing, 3D imaging, to a simulation model of the lungs and heart, students’ curiosity could be seen kicking in.

“I teach human anatomy of physiology and Mason City has a lot of careers to the healthcare so I wanted the kids to have an opportunity to experience the various careers,” said Bonebrake.

And from what Emily could see, that’s the science in it all.

“The experience and realize that there’s a lot of interesting things with science that there are a lot of different options for careers and hopefully they’re able to apply that into whatever they become,” said Bonebrake.

More than 800 schools will be participating in the STEM Scale-Up Program.

Other towns participating include Charles City, Marshalltown, and Humboldt.


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