Golden Apple Award: Tami Howell

Tami Howell

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – It was a complete surprise this morning for Mrs. Tami Howell Tuesday morning as we presented her with her Golden Apple Award.

Howell is a second grade teacher at Washington Elementary School in Charles City.

Right now, it’s all about reading and spelling in Mrs. Howell’s class, two subjects that can be tricky for this age group but something she manages to make fun.

Howell says her favorite part about her job is, “seeing the kids learn.”

“Just knowing where they started and how far they’ve come throughout the year, and just seeing that they are reaching some of that potential,” are all things Howell says she enjoys most about teaching at Washington Elementary.

For her students, it’s Howell’s enthusiasm for teaching, and her love of games makes her pretty lovable, especially for second grader Alex Wohlers.

“I really think she deserved it, she’s a great teacher,” Wohlers said.

Howell says it’s her kid’s enthusiasm for learning that keeps her excited about teaching.

“These kids are awesome they’re just awesome I’ve had a great year they work hard every day and it’s just a joy,” Howell said.

Each student in her class wrote her a letter explaining all of the things they like about her class and having her as a teacher.

Not only was it a surprise to have the principal join her class with the award, but her husband was there to surprise and congratulate her as well.

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