Hold off on filing taxes

Albert Lea Tax Service

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — More than 50 percent of Minnesotans have filed their income taxes for 2013, but state leaders are saying if you have not yet, you might want to wait.

They are saying that one in ten Minnesota taxpayers will be getting a break because of the law that Governor Mark Dayton signed into law last week.

There are small business and middle class cuts that range from tuition refunds to a working family credit.

“The state is saying if you’ve already filed and your return has been accepted then do nothing and they will some time in the future, they’re not telling us when, I think their goal is by the first of May to send out an amended check, so they will do the amendment for you,” said Bob Smith of Albert Lea Tax Service.

Everything is expected to be up to date by April 3.

“If you’ve got it coming my personal opinion would be hold off until April 1 or 3 to file that return. It’s not that much longer and you’re going to get all of your refund a lot sooner. Amendment returns will typically take two to three months,” Smith said.

In some cases he said that the state will not be able to amend your return and you will have to file an amendment on your own.

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