Cedar River Watershed gets $1.5 million grant


AUSTIN, Minn. — In an effort to clean up a southern Minnesota stream the state is sending a grant of $1.5 million to an area group.

The Cedar River Watershed District is working on a more than $2 million project to restore water quality in Dobbins Creek, which feeds into Austin’s East Side Lake.

The watershed is more than 25 thousand acres and most of that is farm land causing pollution problems for the stream.

“This effort is to put enough resources there so you can make some significant differences and down the future you can see water quality changes maybe a little quicker than you could if you spread the dollars out in a larger geographic area,” said Clean Water Specialist Matt Drewitz with the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources.

Those with the state say the project is a good choice for the funding.

“We knew the conditions of the stream and also knew the result if we put practices on the land and how they would improve the water quality so those connections were very strong. Also, the fact that this organization has a really good relationship with the local landowners,” Drewitz said.

Research for the four-year project will kick off this year. They will team with University of Minnesota students in the cleanup.

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