Charity donations on the rise

Act of Giving

MASON CITY, Iowa – People are feeling very charitable this year and last year may have been the biggest yet when it comes to helping others.

Religious causes, education, disaster services, and health related causes are the most popular to give to.

But what types of donations are coming into our area?

They call it a Re-Store.

It’s the Habitat for Humanity of North Central Iowa’s warehouse full of items donated from folks’ homes including doors, windows, and anything else you could think of for around the house.

And for Brian Lewerke, ReStore Manager, working here is an everyday treat.

“The mission itself is why I love my job so much building safe and affordable housing through out North Iowa it’s a great mission to believe and work for,” said Brian.

Brian gets to work directly with those who stop in and donate the items, and also with those looking to put the old items to new use.

He says what many don’t realize is that the money used to purchase the items can go a long way.

“All the money we make in the store directly helps build homes through out North Iowa,” said Brian.

Well they may not be seeing the increase in money coming in as much they are seeing the increase in items and it seems that trend is picking up and the area.

At the Willowbrook Mall, Phoenix, a re-purposing store is opening up with similar to what you can find in the ReStore.

But the items here are looking decorated.

And again the money is all going toward a great cause a scholarship program and equipment for MercyMedicalCenter.

“We always looking for extra ways and unique ways to make money for the hospital and with the talent of our gift shop manager Nancy Kelsey this is where our idea came from,” said Candy Moore, Director of Volunteer Services at Mercy.

And this giving of donations is becoming more and more popular over the past couple of years.

In 2013 the U.S. reached more than 400 billion dollars in donations.

That’s up 12 percent from 2012.

Moore says it’s just an awesome feeling to see everyone giving back so much.

“We know everything we give to the hospital is for the betterment of our care for our patients,” said Moore.

“Again its a big thanks we can’t survive without donation that’s what we sell, that’s how we make money to build homes through out North Iowa without donations we don’t exist,” Moore.

2013 is the third year in a row that charitable giving is up in the United States.

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