Emerald ash borer discussions in high gear as infestation spreads

ASH BORER-VO.transfer

MASON CITY, IA – It’s a destructive pest that we’re hearing a lot more about lately. That’s because the emerald ash borer is getting closer and closer to our area.

Most recently, there have been reports of the insect in Bremer and Black Hawk counties in Iowa and Winona and Houston counties in Minnesota.

Homeowners and officials in Mason City are learning more tonight about the bug that will be arriving in just a matter of time.

The invasive species can wipe out entire populations of ash trees and damage a city’s economy because it’s so expensive to remove the trees.

“Once this bug hits your community it will take 5 to 10 years to come through, but now you have all these hazard trees that are going to have to be removed and depending on you know cost, anywhere from $300 to $1000 a tree economically it’s going to be really difficult for some of these communities to absorb this,” says Greg Heidebrink with the DNR.

If you suspect a tree has been infected, make sure to contact your local DNR office right away and  avoid transporting fire wood from one community to another as this is how the infestation spreads.

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