Giving relief for residents running faucets

Crediting residents running their faucets

NORTHWOOD, Iowa – It’s no secret that thousands of people dealt with frozen pipes this winter and city officials have been constantly encouraging people to run water throughout their home.

However, running faucets to prevent pipes from freezing comes at a cost.

Northwood City Council met to figure out how they can help those with climbing water bills and they decided to implement a credit for anyone running their faucets as a preventative measure.

Cindy Borchdrding is the deputy city clerk who gets to issue the credits to all 900 accounts that have requested a credit for their bills.

She says it’s a time consuming process but it’s worth it for everyone involved.

“The residents appreciate that and with the running of the water, it has helped the city out as far as not having lines freeze,” she said.

Some pipes avoided the freezing temps, others have finally thawed out, but Northwood Superintendent, Craig Toft is one of the 40 people in town who have lost their water and are still going without.

Since he has been so impacted by this winter’s deep freeze, he had nothing but kind words to say about the city councils final decision to help everyone out with their bills.

“I think it was very nice that the city was able to credit people back,” Toft said, “it took a big burden off everybody and I know we were one of the few that have done it and I take my hat off to the council for doing that for the citizens of Northwood.”

It’s a generous and decent sized undertaking for the city as last month they paid out more than $6,600 to residents.

Borchdrding says that as of right now they are not sure what the numbers will look like for the month of March, but they are expecting the number to grow.

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