Alliant Energy putting a freeze on rates

Alliant Energy
Alliant Energy

KIMT News 3 – There may be less money coming out of your pocket energy costs, which is good news as we approach Spring and Summer.

That’s because Alliant Energy announced that their Iowa customers will not be seeing a rate increase in the energy section of their bills through 2016.

This is only if the agreement is approved by the Iowa Utilities Board.

Another new item on the proposal involves credits to keep those costs down when the AC starts running.

“These credits will apply to the energy cost, at the end of the day it will ultimately help keep your average rate for energy slightly lower than what it was last year,” says spokesperson Justin Foss.

Alliant will issue $70 million in credits in 2014 which will fall to $25 million in 2015.

It’s important to remember that this still has to pass through the Iowa utilities board before it becomes effective.

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