Businesses creating jobs

HARMONY, Minn. – Job creation is a symbol of a growing economy and in Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton is looking to help invest in those companies providing jobs to their communities.

In total, five companies make up the first wave of businesses receiving funding under the Minnesota Job Creation Fund.

It’s a new $24 million program that looks to add hundreds of jobs throughout the state, including at Harmony Enterprises.

“It helps me stay competitive with wages. It helps us invest in our business but the state is investing in us also through the tax credits we’ll receive down the road if we hire people and pay them a good wage,” said Steve Cremer, Harmony Enterprises President.

It’s investments like these that has Harmony employees confident in their company.

“A person looking for a job, I think the most important thing is pay but stability also. They don’t want to be coming in and making good wages and then finding out in a couple of months they’re going to be out. I believe this will create that stability that companies are looking for and people looking for jobs as well,” said Mikel Smith, Operations Manager.

To be eligible, companies are expanding their businesses to include anywhere from 10 to 60 new jobs and investing at least $500,000.

Although many are investing into the multi-million dollar range.

“I think it’s just a tool to help Minnesota to stay competitive as a choice for companies to stay and grow or to move to,” said Cremer.

The program is available to businesses engaged in manufacturing, warehouse distribution and technology.

Harmony Enterprises looks to add about 14 new jobs.

The first round of project awards totals $2.27 million and will aid companies in creating 240 jobs within those communities.

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