Career forum

8th grade class at West Hancock Middle School

KANAWHA, Iowa – Area 8th graders are getting a glimpse of the “Adult life” by hearing from local professionals including one of our own from here at KIMT.

These West Hancock middle school students were able to ask career related questions to KISS country DJ J. Brooks, our own reporter Emily Boster, and Sales Consultant Nate Lemmon from Pritchard Auto Company.

The goal is for students to get a better idea of what’s out there after they graduate.

Teacher Nikki Pals who organized the event tells us, it really helps her students see what’s going on outside of school walls.

“Its more hands on for the students to learn. Sure they can read about it in a book they can hear it from someone but to be able to ask someone the questions and be able to have them answer it here. The good sides, the bad sides, its much more influential to them than anyone else,” said Pals.

Pals says each student will pick a speaker and do an essay on them.

More visitors will be coming by, through the second week of April.

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