Liquid propane crisis finally coming to an end?

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program or LIHEAP saw more people who needed help to deal with the liquid propane shortage.

And while we are done with winter there is still financial help available.

“It’s been a long fall, a long winter for all the LP dealers in the area, in the whole Midwest,” says Kevin Sprecher with Ron’s LP.

The LP dealer out of Lake Mills have been going non stop the past few months, to make sure their customers could heat their homes using liquid propane.

“Prices were over $5 per gallon, people couldn’t afford that so we gave them 100 gallons and we were out to some places 3 times a month.”

The propane crisis seems to be over, Sprecher says Ron’s LP is currently selling gallons of propane for $1.86 and says the price goes down about every other day.

But LP customers may not be out of the woods yet.

“I don’t think things will ever go back to as bad as it was but we’ve got a couple terminals around the area that are not going to be having LP go through their pipelines, they’re going to have crude oil,” says Sprecher.

He says that will change some things come harvest time and suggests farmers think about increasing their supply, Ron’s says they’re thinking the same way when it comes to their storage as well.

Sprecher says they’re just hoping temperatures continue to climb and LP prices continue to fall.

“Spring is here and we’re hoping now that we cal all get a break and take a week off or something and move on until next year and start all over again.”

We also spoke with Kathy White with the North Iowa Community Action Organization who told us the propane shortage forced many to seek help through the group.

She also tells us that they’re still accepting applications LIHEAP.

“Normally we help out folks to the tune of about $7,000 during our LIHEAP season we actually have assisted over $37,000 worth of assistance for their propane heat,” says White.

Kathy says more than 1,000 households have still not applied for energy assistance.

If you would like to apply for the help through LIHEAP, you have until April 30th to do that.

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