Personalized instruction approval


AUSTIN, Minn. – One area school district is getting approval to help create a program for their most gifted students.

Austin Public School officials say they’re getting closer to funding a remodeling project in Southgate Elementary

It will be used for their “Personalized Instruction” program. The PI program will serve students in the Tier 3 category or the top performing elementary students in the district.

The space will be modeled after I.J Holton school and will help give those students more one-on-one attention.

“What we find is that the students that are on the highest levels require a lot of the time because they’re so far advanced when it comes to math and reading, that they need the individualized instructions. So the idea would be to again, cluster them together with maybe one teacher working with the students,” said John Alberts, Austin Public Schools Executive Director of Educational Services.

The potential cost of the remodel, if it takes place, could cost the district $800,000.

While school officials say they are aware of the concerns some may have for these gifted students fitting in with their normal classrooms, they say this will at least give those students a place to turn to.

“We’re seeing that happen already. We’re seeing some of our most gifted students back at their neighborhood elementary having to spend the majority of their time sometimes with a gifted and talented intervention teacher but because they’re so far beyond what their classmates are doing, they really need that individualized attention,” said Alberts.

Students in the PI program will only meet during math and science courses, then afterwards join the rest of their classmates.

School officials say they hope to have the project done in time for next fall.

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