Septic system safety


KIMT NEWS 3 – The story of a young boy who fell into a septic tank earlier this week in Southern Minnesota is sparking conversations about the safety of the equipment.

“I was running and then I stepped on that and then I fell,” says Noah Laehn.

Laehn is very lucky that someone had recently pumped the tank he fell in, because it’s a deadly hazard. But, that’s what happens when children run and play on poorly secured septic tank lids.

Local business owner, Chad Nichols specializes in septic tanks and still encounters folks who don’t even know they have a septic system until it’s backing up into their basement.

“If you’re outside of city limits chances are you have a septic system,” says Nichols.

He advises that everyone should know where their cover is and have it brought to ground level for safety and servicing purposes, if it is still underground. They can also install a new, safer lid than the old concrete ones that could be moved rather easily, and for extra precautions they can even add a net underneath.

“It’s a mesh net that would go underneath the lid in the inside so that if a child fell in he would hit the net not go all the way in. We’ve installed septic systems at several daycares where we install those nets for safety,” says Nichols.

One daycare and preschool in the area has these nets, which gives them peace of mind when the kids are out on the playground.

“We updated our septic system about two years ago. When we updated it, the tugs daycare family felt like it would, you know, safety at all cost. For the little bit extra money that it cost to put in a septic system we felt like you know put the nets on just to give us all peace of mind,” says Jon Benson, co-owner of Tugs Daycare.

So, to avoid instances like what happened to little Noah Laehn, make sure to have those septic systems serviced.

Nichols and his team suggest having your septic systems serviced every three to five years to ensure that they are in proper working order.

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