Women business owners

Lisa O'Toole Real Deals

MASON CITY, Iowa –  Iowa is ranked 49th in the nation the past 17 years when it comes to new businesses owned by women.

But some in the area are working to change that.

Meet Danielle Swan.

She’s 22 and owns her own business, Real Deals,  with her family.

“Kind of a roller coaster at times but its really fun we do what we love so that is what makes it not a job I guess,” said Swan.

They’ve been in business for three years and Swan says one of the main goals as business owners has been handling the ride on this roller coaster of an adventure.

“Getting our name out there, getting people to know we are here,” said Swan.

Right now Iowa has more than seventy thousand female owned business firms.

You’d think that is a lot.

But that number has Iowa sitting near the bottom in the nation.

For Tanner O’ Brien, it’s a statistic he would like to see changed.

“Its surprising, it’s definitely not a high statistic really and truly that’s why series like what we have here the women in business series we are hosting right now is so important,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien says it’s an issue he and others at the chamber of commerce have been working hard on.

“Each of the speakers that we’ve had have just been absolutely wonderful being the only male in the room I can definitely say its empowering even from my perspective,” said O’Brien.

And if you’re like Danielle you’ll know to never give up your dream.

“I would say just go for it you have to dive in, and you have to dive in fully,” said Swan.

O’Brien says the next “Women in Business” session will be held on April 9th.

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