Crews respond to car dangling over ramp

Car Dangles

ROCHESTER, Minn. — It was an interesting and scary situation taking place in Rochester Friday morning. Fire and tow crews had to pull a car in that was hanging over the edge of a parking ramp near Mayo’s Gonda Building.

Fire crews say that the woman stepped on the brakes of her car but it still surged forward.

“We were coming back on the shuttle, going back to our hotel and the driver had already been alerted by another driver to stop and take a look at that,” said Marcia Moore of Davenport, Iowa.

That is exactly what they did.

“He stopped, let my friend off, he got off took pictures, we were all amazed and he drove around the block and picked us back up,” Moore said.

The car was hanging over the edge of the ramp just past the front wheels.

So the Rochester Fire Department, with the help of a towing company, brought the car back onto the ramp.

“Since the car had dropped over the edge, they wanted to pull it back in but they didn’t want to lose any part of the car as they’re doing it so they had to get the wheels back up over the ledge. It was a little bit of a process,” said Assistant Fire Marshal Mike Bjoraker of the Rochester Fire Department.

It is a situation that could have been worse if it was not for tension wires, which officials say prevented the vehicle from falling to the ground.

“Of the five cables, two of them actually failed, which is probably normal for something if it had to happen, but the remaining three definitely did their job,” Bjoraker said.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

“Must have been a very scary thing for that person and feeling that the person was safe. That was the main thing,” Moore said.

The adjacent road was shut down while crews were bringing the car back in. Bjoraker said that this was definitely a first for the crews that responded.

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