GOP Party endorses Peggy Bennett for District 27-A

Peggy Bennett endorsed by GOP Party for District 27A

GENEVA, Minn. – Election season is still months away but on Saturday, the Freeborn County Republican Party decided who they will endorse in the race for the Minnesota House District 27A.

Republicans Milan Hart and Peggy Bennett were both vying for the seat, which is currently held by Democrat Shannon Savick.

On Saturday afternoon, the GOP party voted to give their official endorsement to Peggy Bennett.

“Will start right in looking to defeat Shannon Savick,” Bennett said, “I’ve got a great committee behind me, a great campaign manager, and also, a lot of people here that I know will support you and be a part of this.”

Bennett said she was particularly excited about the turnout from today’s event and says that the community’s involvement will help motivate her to please the voters and do what she can to support their views throughout her campaign.

While Milan Hart was not selected for the endorsement, he is still happy with the results and plans to support Bennett in any way he can.

“I will support Peggy,” he said, “and there are other people that are in the party that are running mid-term here that I will help.”

Saturday’s convention was held at the community center in Geneva.

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