Buying off-brand technology


KIMT News 3 – A freak accident is raising some questions about the possible dangers of using off-brand accessories.

Tim Tyrrell is a Twin Cities native and says he was just trying to save some extra money by purchasing a cheap phone chargers off eBay.

After plugging in the new iPhone charger, a jolt of electricity shocks Tyrrell leaving him with a minor burn which would later become severely infected.

Recovering from the accident, Tyrrell is on his fourth surgery to try to repair the gashes left on his hand from the infection.

At Discount Computer Repair, Loren Bitker is getting rid of more than 20 brand name and off-brand chargers from a recent shipment that all went bad in a matter of minutes.

“I’ve got a whole bag of chargers that are name brand chargers that I bought that went bad into minutes and I was not able to get my money back from these,” said Bitker.

At Best Buy, we asked a Geek Squad Specialist if we need to be concerned about these off-brand accessories. He tells us, probably not.

“The off-brand product itself is not the problem. It’s just not getting the product that matches the device you have,” said Kyle Dykstra of Geek Squad.

Kyle Dykstra says he’s seen his fair share of tech malfunctions when it comes to accessories and that sometimes the problems can occur when customers are more focused on price, instead of quality.

“With that there’s so many options out there, you can jump online and just search for whatever you’re looking for and come up with thousands of results. If you don’t know what you need to click on somethings bound to happen at some point,” said Dykstra.

Both men say that you need to double-check where you’re buying the product, so you don’t end up with a faulty, and dangerous piece of equipment.

“You can come here and see exactly what you’re getting and it really doesn’t make any difference if it’s a name brand or non-name brand it’s who you get it from,” said Bitker.

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