God in film

Fridley State 5 Theatre

ALGONA, Iowa – You can’t go wrong with a good movie night.

This weekend, a film with religious themes hit number one it’s just one of many that seems to be hitting the theatres right now.

They have people talking and maybe that’s the point.

Teresa Blockaer is one happy manager of the Fridley State 5 Theatre in Algona.

That’s because she has a movie at her theater that just keeps selling out.

“Been very, very busy wonderfully busy it’s been great to see so many people come,” said Blockaer.

The movie is called “God’s Not Dead.”

And it came with some stipulations they had to sell 500 tickets in order to keep the film at their theatre.

That was not a problem though in fact, they sold out of tickets in one day and that hasn’t stopped.

“It’s wonderful especially in Algona. I say my theatre isn’t as big as most theatres my auditorium only holds a 165 and trying to get everybody in is fun,” said Blockaer.

But this isn’t the only movie out right now that has a religious theme.

Other movies that have some relation to the Christian faith include “Noah”, “Son of God”, and a film coming out soon called “Exodus”.

Pastor Nathan Gann of Rhythm Church, says it’s a sign one thing is happening.

“But the conversations people are having about what’s going on brings up these things like justice and awesome kind of conversation starters you can have with people who don’t normally come to church and there is common ground,” said Gann.

Pastor Gann says really, it comes down to one thing a good plot.

And that’s something he says the bible is full of.

“And I think that what people are hungry for its just to say ok love, anxiety, fear, justice, depression, those are what makes great movies get scripture has those themes over and over again,” said Gann.

The movie “Gods Not Dead” is being shown at a limited number of theaters 15 in Iowa and 27 in Minnesota.

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