North Iowa man brought back to life


KIMT NEWS 3 – A North Iowa man says he’s lucky to be alive, and has several people to thank for it.

Brad Lodge credits first responders for bringing him back to life.

“I don’t remember anything about that morning,” Lodge says.

The morning he is talking about is the day he was dead for more than 30 minutes.

He was busy at the Lime Springs Beef construction site where he is the construction manager and all of the sudden he fell over.

He was suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. When site workers ran over to him, he was unresponsive. They tried finding a pulse, but couldn’t.

While they were waiting for emergency crews, one of the workers began CPR.

The first firefighter to arrive was Casey Sebastian.

“Yeah, I was the first one to walk up and you know like I said, walking up I had no idea until I seen inside the room and the look on the guys said this is you know a serious situation,” says Sebastian.

Sebastian immediately continued with the CPR and waited for the AED which shocks the heart in an effort to get it beating again.

Lodge was shocked seven times before he was taken by ambulance. Once the emergency lights disappeared, heads hung low as they thought they lost a good man.

Until the call came, after being clinically dead for that long, John made it!

It was all thanks to the relentless team.

“I guess it opens up everybody’s eyes and I don’t know what to think because you don’t remember it and so you know, I mean your dead then your alive I guess and so you just have to be thankful,” says Lodge.

“The cooperation between the first responders and the fire department was as good as I could have imagined, you know and for somebody doing it for the first time, if I had to do it again, now looking at the outcome, hey you know we’ll take that outcome every time,” added Sebastian.

What gave him the best chance at survival was the CPR and AED.

“From what I’ve gathered, that’s probably why I’m still alive,” says Lodge.

“All it takes is one time like this and that few hours of your time to get CPR certified, it’s invaluable to say the least,” commented Sebastian on the importance of knowing CPR.

Lodge was very lucky to have people around him who knew what to do.

“I’m very grateful, I know that,” he says.

Lodge also tells us he didn’t see any fire or bright light so he thinks it just wasn’t his time.

If you are interested in learning CPR, go to for a list of classes near you.

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