Spring is back and so is the ‘Walking Bus’

Walking bus rained out on first day

MASON CITY, Iowa – The Walking Bus is a popular program for kids and their parents during the springtime, but the kickoff of the season was postponed due to rain on Monday morning.

The program encourages families to walk their kids to school rather than taking the bus or driving.

It is supported by the Cerro Gordo County Public Health office as well as the Blue Zone’s effort in the area and even though it was cancelled on account of the rain on Monday, they usually walk rain or shine.

Kelly Huinker is the health promotions manager for the public health office and is in charge of making the call on whether to walk or not.

“We always have to work around the weather with this program and obviously the kids would probably love to walk to school in the rain or snow or whatever,” she said, “but I definitely don’t think the teachers would enjoy wet kids all day long, so we usually tend to take a break whenever the weather is not cooperating.”

The Walking Bus has been going on for the past three years and all public elementary schools in Mason City have jumped on board with getting kids to school in healthy ways.

As of right now, the program only walks kids to school and not home from school on account of volunteer scheduling and after school programs for kids.

County health officials are hoping to expand the program and eventually accommodate for the afternoon commute as well.

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