Technology is changing the way we approach medicine

Technology is changing medicine

MASON CITY, Iowa – Technology has been groundbreaking for many different industries and in some ways, the health care industry is one that has developed the most.

Taking a trip to the doctor’s usually means getting the car and heading to your family clinic, however this isn’t always the case.

Mercy Medical Center North Iowa offers telemedicine, which is where you can meet with your provider via camera.

Deb Groath is one of the palliative medicine nurse practitioners at Mercy Medical Center working with the system and says that this technology has changes care practices for many of her patients.

“We can watch how they are walking, and how they’re able to sit and stand,” she said “and we see how their respiratory status is and things like that, but we just can’t put a stethoscope on them and listen to their heart.”

The digital age has certainly changed the way we look at medicine, but it has also changed the way we access health information.

Bariatric coordinator Shelly Mosiman, also with Mercy Medical Center, says it has by and large changed the way she communicates with her patients.

“You can request appointments or make appointment changes, you can ask medical questions of your provider, you can get your lab results the next day,” she said, “and that’s all from the convenience of the Internet.”

In addition to being able to email back and forth with your provider, there are also seminars, helpful videos and other tips and information on sites now.

Meeting with your provider face-to-face is always ideal but having these outlets as an option can save time and energy for patients and practitioners.

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