Mitchell County courthouse plans are set

Mitchell County courthouse plans approved

OSAGE, Iowa – Although it’s been controversial, the new Mitchell County Courthouse is one step closer to finally becoming a reality.

The county Board of Supervisors met this morning to discuss and finalize the plans for the courthouse.

County Auditor and Board of Supervisors clerk, Lowell Tesch says that deciding on what blueprints to go with was a fairly quick decision that won with a 2 to 1 vote.

“I think once you get used to it there are going to be some people that will be very happy to have something new, and there’s others that really would have likes to see it saved and restored.”

Because it was such a controversial topic, Tesch says that not everyone will be happy with the new and improved courthouse.

The new building is expected to be twice the size of their old facility and Tesch is hopeful that people can look past their differences and come to realize the necessity of this change.

“Hopefully they’ll accept it,” he said, “and they’ll have to. We’ll have look forward to not what we like right now, but for the next 50 to maybe 100 years.”

The new designs have the new building facing west instead of north like the old facility and it will be topped off with a new cupola fashioned like the old one.

Plans for the new building are hanging outside of the temporary courthouse for the public to see.

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