Car dealers react to rash of recalls

Dealerships react to recalls

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – There have been dozens of cars recalled from several big-name car manufacturers just since the beginning of 2014.

Cars in question are being recalled because of malfunctioning parts and it’s because of this that mechanic, driver and father, John Magney says he worries about the safety of his own cars.

Magney says he does regular maintenance on his cars and always schedules routine checks to make sure everything is in working order.

So far this year, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and other big-name companies have announced major recalls and some of these come after accidents with injuries and even fatalities involving the cars in question.

As someone who sells cars to individuals and families, George Gonzalez takes these recalls very seriously.

“We do everything we can when the recalls come out on anything, we certainly remove those cars and get them taken care of as soon as possible,” Gonzalez says.

Throughout his time working with cars, Gonzalez has seen his fair share of recalls but he doesn’t worry too much since his customers seem to always be very informed.

“The open public is certainly watching the news and they’re pretty aware of a lot of the different recalls that come out on most vehicles,” Gonzalez says, “so we try to do the best job we can with addressing all of the recalls and move forward.”

Reasons for a couple of the most recent recalls have been steering and brake defects, engines unexpectedly shutting down, and fuel leaks caused by faulty fuel pump covers.

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