Five years since same-sex marriage ruling

Heather Jordan and Rachel Olson

LAKE MILLS, Iowa – April 2nd marks five years since the Iowa Supreme Court issued its unanimous ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.

Since then, much has changed.

Several of the justices were voted out in the elections following, while more states including Minnesota made gay marriage legal, and the federal government began recognizing the partnerships.

Talk about busy.

Heather Jordan and Rachel Olson are two busy moms.

“Our family kind of looks like any other family.  We have kids’ activities, we have work, we have dinner, we have extra curricular, then we got bedtimes and all of that,” said Heather.

But after the busy work day, and getting everyone fed and ready for the end of the night, they’re celebrating this day as well.

“Like to say wow its been five years we were thinking back do you remember when it was overturned and we were talking about remembering that day and I guess I’m just proud to live in a state that stood up for equality when it was needed one of the first states that did that,” said Heather.

Five years ago, gay marriage was officially made legal in a ruling from the Iowa Supreme Court.

And for Heather and Rachel, who were married two years ago, it will always be a day they will never forget.

“I mean we went to do our taxes the other day and we’re able to check the married box and that was fun and just to say this is my spouse, that’s so validating for us,” said Heather.

So for Heather and Rachel and their family, they look forward to the day when others across the country will be able to join them.

“No I’m just looking forward to other states following along so there’s not some states that are and some states that aren’t it’d be nice to see the entire nation follow suit,” said Heather.

Both Rachel and Heather are big advocates for the group “One Iowa”, the state’s largest LGBTQ group, which will have a celebration in Des Moines on Saturday.

In Cerro GordoCounty alone more than 100 same sex couples have been married since 2012.

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