Family remembers fire victim Joshua Nelson Linde

CHARLES CITY, IA – Firefighters knew it was bad when they arrived to take on this blaze at a home in Charles City. The front of the building, which housed four apartments, was covered in flames. They could only hope everyone had gotten out okay.

Unfortunately, the body of 27 year old Joshua Nelson was found in the attic. It’s been a hard few days for his family.

Today they gathered at Central Park in CharlesCity to tie ribbons in his memory.

Crews say the fire started on the front porch yesterday afternoon and was fed by high winds. Everyone but Nelson was able to get out in time. He was trapped in his upstairs apartment.

Nelson’s family is already planning a fishing tournament at the end of April in his memory.

They are seeing first hand how quickly someone can be taken from them.

“There’s nothing more tragic than someone going like this. It’s just unexplainable. We will miss him,” says his Brother Jon Linde.

The family is hoping to make the fishing tournament an annual one and donate the extra money to the school basketball team or the Y, where he spent a lot of his time.

We were told at the scene that this fire was sparked by a cigarette that wasn’t fully put out.

Police say they are not pursuing any criminal charges.

The owner of the building tells us that he is waiting to hear from investigators but will most likely rebuild. Whether or not he wants to rent it out again is still up in the air. He says an incident like what happened yesterday is a property manager’s biggest fear turned reality.

A fund in place for the Linde family at first Citizen’s National Bank in CharlesCity.

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