Golden Apple: Troy Einertson

4th grade Language Arts teacher, Troy Einertson has gone from subbing every now and then, to one of these students’ favorite educators.

He said, “It was a dream that we had always to become a teacher and it is! I’m one of those lucky people who get to live that dream.”

They call him “Mr. E.” and he likes to put a tech-savvy twist on reading and writing.

He said, “I try to fins websites to help the kids out. It kinda gets them more involved in the learning process, so whether it be a writing site – we do blogger a lot, we do kids blog a lot, anything where the kids can get out there and write something for the real world. I think they enjoy that a little bit more than sitting and writing on paper and pencil.”

His students love this approach, but one says that’s not the only thing that makes Mr. E special.

4th Grader, Jacob Dicamillo said, “At the beginning of the year, I was struggling and it was hard, but he’s been helping me all year-long and now it’s been easier for me because he pushed me.”

Mr.E inspires his students to do their best, but what they might not realize, is that they inspire him too.

“It’s not for me just being a teacher for myself, it’s for the kids. I do this for all the kids who come into my classroom. I always tell them, kids are first, then their parents, then my school.”

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