Volunteers aid homeless fire victims

CHARLES CITY, IA – After the deadly apartment blaze in Charles City earlier this week, one person is dead and eight others are homeless.

The American Red Cross had several volunteers on the scene. They are helping to provide some basic needs to the victims like toothbrushes, clothes, food and most importantly a new place to call home.

The American Red Cross provides victims with a three night hotel stay if they do not have friends or relatives to stay with, a weeks worth of food, and some clothing. The three nights gives those people time to find a new or temporary rental home.

Stewart and Nina Coulson were a few of the volunteers that day. They tell us how rewarding it is to be able to help neighbors in need.

“Just the opportunity to be able to help neighbors to, it’s just what we’re here for,” says Stewart.

The American Red Cross is a non-profit organization and depends on monetary donations.

“When you give a dollar to Red Cross, that dollar goes into the hands of the disaster victim that’s lost their home or lost everything that they have,” added Stewart.

But donating your time is equally as important.

“So whether you’re a volunteer or just someone nearby that can help, any kind of aid you can give is appreciated,” says Nina.

If this is something your interested in, here is the link to the American Red Cross website where you can donate or find more information on becoming a volunteer like the Coulsons.



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