Local law enforcement reacts to Ft. Hood shooting


KIMT News 3- A day after the shooting at Ft. Hood, hearing reaction from our local law enforcement.

We spoke with Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Kevin Pals who says people tend to look for answers in wake of a tragedy.

He also says given the circumstances it’s hard to prevent something like this from happening.

“It’s a very slim chance something like this happens but you can never prepare for this because anyone that’s authorized to be in your building or in your courthouse in our situation where we have security. We can never prevent 100% of things, bad things, acts from happening,” says Pals.

He also says he would be surprised if security around the U.S. beefs up as a result of the shooting.

“I think security issues we’re going to see an increase in security any way just because there’s so many people out there trying to hurt innocent people for no reason and we’re all looking for a way to make the public safer including law enforcement, we’re always trying to figure out well why did this happen, well there is no reason that we can stop this from happening,” he adds.

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