Warmer weather means more burglaries

Rural Burglaries

DODGE COUNTY, Minn. — Despite what the upcoming weather forecast may look like, spring is here and that is leading to an uptick in burglaries.

Sheriff Jim Jensen and those with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office say they have seen three rural burglaries over the past few weeks.

He said one thing burglars are doing is knocking to see if anyone is home and if no one answers they force their way in and they are taking a variety of things.

“For the most part, the worst of it has been some construction equipment and tools from work sites and that and we’ve had other things also,” Jensen said.

He said it is good to give the appearance that someone is home, like leaving a radio or something on inside or even park a car in the driveway.

“If they’re going on vacation or something to make their homes look like they’re lived in and to have neighbors, trusted neighbors, help keep an eye on their property,” Jensen said.

He said it never hurts to call if you think you see something suspicious. They would rather have ten false alarms out of ten calls than miss an actual burglary.

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