Alcohol-Free Weekend


This weekend is alcohol-free weekend, an annual experiment across the nation, where the national council on alcoholism and drug dependence asks folks to go 72 hours without drinking.

The goal is to raise public awareness about the use of alcohol and how it may affect individuals, families, and our communities.

We asked around town, to see what folks thought of the booze free event.

Cody Clark is your typical busy college student.

“I run cross-country and track.”

He believes college students sometimes get a bad wrap when it comes to alcohol use.

“I guess people could be like, oh college and you hear all these stories of the people like passing out in the yard and all this stuff. I mean a lot of people like to get together with friends and usually alcohol is something that’s often used as kind of that, brings people together for lack of a better word.”

Clark says he will not be participating in this year’s alcohol-free weekend because well he doesn’t drink on any other weekend.

“I’m running all the time so I don’t feel it’s something I need to put in my body.”

Clark says he knows a lot of friends and fellow college students that partake in drinking on the weekends and hopes they take this weekend to put a cork in it so-to speak.

“I’m not naïve I mean it happens it’s out there, it’s not something I partake in but I hope the weekend is something people take seriously and take part in.”

But prevention specialist, Jay Pedelty doesn’t think people will take the weekend as serious as they maybe should.

“I dont, I don’t. Alcohol is just such and integral part of our culture here and it is the nature of problem of alcohol use and alcoholism in particular that I don’t perceive I’m doing anything abnormal,” says Pedelty.

And while he thinks this weekend is a good idea and a great way to raise awareness, he believes it’s not alcohol that is the problem but rather the problematic use of alcohol.

“This will cease to be necessary when we and if we ever get to the point where we can stop anybody whose having a drink of alcohol and they can tell us exactly how much alcohol is in that drink and they can recite the risk guidelines for alcohol.”

If you do decide to take part in the weekend, and find it really hard to get through the 72 hours without alcohol, The NCADD say there is help out there to learn more about alcoholism and it’s early symptoms.

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