Fitness Friday: Rock Climbing


When you’re going to be dangling some feet off the ground, it’s all about safety first.

So Chelsie Hinton, the YMCA’s Youth Development Director is helping me out.

Climbers always wear a harness. That’s attached to a rope, which goes up to the ceiling and is hooked back up into another person who is your belayer.

If you’re new to rock climbing, the best bet is to go with the easiest path up the wall. That means choosing a side with the “holds” – that’s what those colorful bumpy things are called – that are as close together as possible.

Grab onto a hold, put one foot on the wall, and slowly make your way upwards.

Rock climbing whether it’s indoors or outdoors is a phenomenal workout.

It’s a good way to improve your balance and works your entire body, plus all those teeny tiny one’s you didn’t even know existed.

But by the end of your session, you’ll definitely feel the burn in your forearms and back…no surprise there.

It’s also a mental challenge. When you get stuck, you have to navigate a different path to make it to the top.

Once you’re ready to rapell your way down, make sure to communicate that to your belayer first, then lean back and slowly walk your feet down the wall till your back down on the ground.

Then of course, the next step is to look back up, see how high you went and then congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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