Getting vaccinated for measles

Getting vaccinated

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A disease thought to be long gone is coming back, and a local pediatrician is urging folks to get vaccinated.

Cases of measles are popping up in the west coast and other parts of the country.

Thankfully doctors are not seeing it yet in our area.

Dr. Norma McGuire, a pediatrician with Mercy Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic in ClearLake, tells us it’s always interesting to hear how many just assumed it was gone and not a problem anymore.

“Years ago it was thought that measles was eliminated in the United States but because it still exists in quite a degree in other countries and because of international travel and high degree of contagiousness it is now being seen in different areas of the country,” said Dr. McGuire.

Dr. McGuire says it’s important to get your kids vaccinated.

She described measles as so contagious, if you are not vaccinated and you walk by someone who has measles, you can get it.

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