Telling farmers’ stories

Cornfield in Winter

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — The fresh snow may make it hard to believe, but farmers will soon be hitting area fields.

Before they do that AgStar Financial Services and other farm credit services want them to tell their stories.

It is a program called “Speak for Yourself” and the agencies are providing $55,000 for training.

“It’s a group that recruits and basically trains farmers on basically how to go out and tell their story to the general public, ultimately the people that end up being the consumers,” said Justin Morris with AgStar.

They want these farmers to know how to be effective spokespersons about the importance of agriculture and farming.

“It’s easy for us as agriculture professionals to stand on a soap box and talk about how important agriculture is, but if we’ve got the ability to educate farmers and then have those people involved in agriculture go out and talk to the consumers, it probably connects on an emotional level,” Morris said.

They hope the program leads to consumers making more informed decisions when it comes to their agricultural purchases.

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