Aaron Miller to face Walz in November election

Aaron Miller to face Tim Walz in November

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – The ballots are in and hospital account manager Aaron Miller of Byron won the Republican endorsement for the first congressional district.

Republicans from Minnesota’s first congressional district held a convention in Albert Lea on Saturday to decide who they will endorse for the 2014 November election.

Three candidates were lobbying for the U.S. House of Representatives seat, which is currently held by Tim Walz, (D) Rochester.

Aaron Miller of Byron, Minn. State Rep. Mike Benson, (R) Rochester, and Jim Hagedorn of Blue Earth spent the morning presenting their individual campaign agendas to the respective district delegates.

While official results have not been released, officials from the Benson campaign tell us that Miller won “in a landslide.”

Miller will be running against congressman Walz in the November election, something he feels very confident about given his background in the healthcare industry.

“I’ve got 15 plus years in the healthcare industry,” Miller says, “I think that’ll be an important background for this experience as we look to appeal and oppress Obamacare with free-market principles.”

Miller went on to say that his first steps as the newly endorsed candidate will be to head out on a three day media tour to reintroduce himself to the general public.

While Benson and Hagedorn both say they don’t plan on running in the official primary election, their involvement in the race for the seat will continue.

“I will support any candidate who is nominated from this convention,” Benson says, “I will support them until November so that we can take the seat back.”

Runner up, Jim Hagedorn had a similar response in regards to Miller’s endorsement and says, “I’ve done various things for many members of Congress, for other people running for president and so forth,” Hagedorn says, “so I would certainly stay involved and active and do what I could to promote conservatism.”

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