Learning the rules of the road

Motorcycle Expo

MASON CITY, Iowa – Drier conditions and warmer weather means motorcyclists are taking their bikes out of winter retirement and hitting the open road.

However, before cruising around town there are many things that riders need to have and be aware of.

A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education, or ABATE, hosted the the North Iowa Motorcycle Expo at the North Iowa event center on Saturday.

Their goal was to meet with riders of all ages and experience levels and raise awareness about the importance motorcycle safety and education.

Mike Stone, the ABATE assistant educational rider director says that step by step education on how to handle your bike on the road is one of the best and most effective ways of keeping riders as safe as possible.

“We talk a lot about the different things involved with riding motorcycles,” he says, “how to react with traffic, how to turn the motorcycle and how to hit the brakes safely.”

Understanding how to operate with other motorists around is an important part of the learning process and Stone says that classes are helpful not only for those just starting out, but for older riders looking for a refresher on new laws and rules of the road.

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