A grateful nation commemorates veterans


MASON CITY, Iowa – A special book sponsored by South Korea has now hit state-side, in a token of gratitude for our veterans.

The book is made specifically to honor those veterans who fought and gave their lives for the freedoms of countless South Koreans.

Jim Bonner is a Korean War veteran and recently received the book “Korea Reborn” as a thank you for his service.

With each turn of the page, he’s amazed at how far the country has come in the 60 years since he once fought.

“It’s unbelievable really in North Korea it’s still torn to heck. In South Korea, I think with our help they really went to town,” said Bonner.

It’s often regarded as the “Forgotten War” but for those our country defended, this token of gratitude is more than just a book and it’s a symbol that they will never forget.

“This book just isn’t words. That’s really what kind of fascinated me because history books, they’re just words upon words. I mean this book has lots of photos whether it’s of the Koreans or the veterans,” said Lauren Erickson with the Cerro Gordo County Veterans Affairs Office.

Erickson says she’s gained a whole new appreciation for the not-often talked about war.

“No one really shouts out and says thank you. This is a way to show the veterans they really made an impact and it’s not just you realizing how much South Korea has expanded, their telling you it and they’re thanking you,” said Erickson.

Although many of these men and women have long received medals for their services, Bonner feels this is a great way for everyone to share the experience of that honor.

If you are a veteran, and want a copy of the book, you can visit your county’s veterans affairs office and pick one up.

For those who are not veterans, there is a link to an online version of the book below:


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