DNR reminds us of upcoming burn restrictions

Albert Lea Fire Department

KIMT News 3 — As the snow melts, the leaves and other branches may be showing up from the fall. If you plan on burning those, the sooner, the better.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is encouraging those who plan to burn their scraps to do so before the open burn bans go into effect.

They implement spring bans that really limit burning until the summer greens appear.

“We had ice everywhere on the lake a week ago and the ice is off about half of the lake right now, so things are changing very quickly,” said Captain Scott Hanna of the Albert Lea Fire Department.

Area fire officials say the window is not open for long.

“We have a pretty small window here before it goes from being too wet to burn, to just right, to too dry and you really need to be paying attention to what the environment is and what the weather conditions are, as well as what the local burning ordinances are,” Hanna said.

The DNR says that the restrictions typically last four to six weeks until there is significant green vegetable growth.

There are only a few burn bans in effect in Iowa counties and most of them are in the southwest part of the state.

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