Fighting for a local pool


LIME SPRINGS, IA – As the weather gets warmer, many families are looking ahead to summer and many kids spend the hot summer days, at the local pool. But in one community, it’s a struggle year after year just to keep the pool open.

“It’s something the town should be proud of. Some are! Many people are very proud of it, some aren’t,” says Dan Murphy.

He is talking about the pool he and his brothers grew up swimming in.

The Lime Springs Pool is reaching it’s 59th year, so there’s some history there.

Phyl Stevenson is the first of three generations in her family who use and love the pool.

“My daughter was a lifeguard and then we have an 11 year old who uses the pool every summer,” says Stevenson.

Over the years children have made memories, teens earned money working here, not to mention kids have burned millions of calories. However, as the years wear on and technology develops, fewer kids and teens are frequenting the decades old pool.

Every year, it is a struggle to come up with funds for the next year.

“We’re trying to raise money to keep it open because what the city will put towards the pool to keep it going isn’t enough to actually pay all the bills,” says Park and Pool board member Karla Murphy.

Many of those who were here when the pool opened, and raised money open it, have passed on. That leaves folks who don’t have the same sentimental attachment to it.

Some say, the money is needed elsewhere, but kids are running out of things to do, especially outside.

“We have nothing really else here in town for kids to do,” says Murphy.

For now, the fundraising will continue so area kids will have somewhere to go when those hot summer temps arrive.

“I just want it for the kids and the adults in the community who choose to use it,” says Stevenson.

“I just hope it keeps rollin’ for future generations,” she adds.

If you want to help to help the cause, here are a few fundraising events:

  • The 4th Annual Recycling Fundraiser for Park and Pool: Saturday April 12th at Brown Park from 9a.m. to 1p.m. Bring any appliances you are not using and wanting to get rid of. The Park and Po0l board will receive $15-20 for larger items and $10 for smaller ones.
  • Omelet Breakfast: Sunday April  27th from 7-11a.m at the Lime Springs Community Center. Free will donations will be accepted.



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