Giving your best April volunteer of the month

When it comes to volunteering, Dennis Burkes philosophy is simple: Get involved as much as possible. Because that way…

Burke said, “It feels less like volunteering and more like home.”

Dennis is a part of countless local organizations, including Boy Scouts, Children’s Miracle Network, and the Make a Wish foundation.

Make a Wish Chairperson, Dalena Barz said, “He does everything from sell tickets, to speak at service clubs, to work at the actual event. He interviews children, he grants wishes, so he is very very involved.”

In fact, that organization holds a very special place in Dennis’ heart.

He said, “Make a Wish is probably my most cherished charity because I’ve done it for 20 plus years and getting to see the smile on a kids face when you can ask them what they want to do for a wish and then actually granting it, are just priceless moments.”

His friends who nominated him, say Dennis is the perfect example of why getting involved in the community is so important.

Kirk Leafstedt said, “It’s just the glue that holds it all together. He’s one of a kind, there’s not a lot of people that spend that much time doing things for other people.”

And as he likes to say “Don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good.”

“Tomorrow everything could change and you may not be able to and you might need it from someone else.”

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