New resources available for families dealing with brain injuries

Dealing with brain injuries

MASON CITY, Iowa – A car accident 13 years ago is still impacting one north Iowa family.

The single vehicle crash left Kasey Vaughan with severe brain injuries making everyday tasks a challenge for him and his family.

Not only did Kasey lose the ability to walk and feed himself, they believe that he lost all of his memories after the age of 16.

It’s a frustrating transition to make as a family and mother Jackie Vaughan says that she first sat down and “spent hours just taking one card at a time and calling them and saying, ‘what do you do?’ because the truth was, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

It’s a similar situation for many families, however with new resources becoming available every day and new ways of accessing information, the process of his healing and rehabilitation is getting easier.

The Brain Injury Alliance and the Department of Human Services in Iowa are two groups hoping to make a difference by making resources and training options available to anyone in need.

“They worked to come up with a streamlined online training program that would help basically anybody who’s directly working with an individual with a brain injury.”

Educating and certifying more people to help out families like the Vaughan’s is a top priority for both organizations and by making resources available online, they’re hoping the ease and convenience of this new program give some extra help to families who might be struggling.

The online training course offered by the Department of Human Services can be accessed by visiting

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