New tool launched for Iowa motorists

KIMT NEWS 3 – The one great thing about winter is the lack of construction on roads and highways, but that will soon be changing.

Before the work begins, Iowa DOT leaders want to get a message out, the construction season is about to kick off. They also want you to know, there’s an online tool that can help you plan your route, so there’s less hassle, and delay.

We’ve all been down this road before: you’re traveling, and all of a sudden you see a road closed sign and are faced with a detour or much slower traffic.

Now, if you want to avoid this all together, planning your route ahead of time just got a little easier.

The Iowa DOT is launching a new interactive website. It shows all major construction sites which may impact travel.

It may come in handy because in 2014, they are anticipating $700 million in repairs to Iowa’s state highway system.

One local official says it will also help in keeping motorists safe.

“With construction projects you know there’s always just more potential for traffic crashes due to the obstructions in the roadway and people having to slow down for the construction,” says Dave Roeber with the Iowa DOT.

So next time you are planning to travel, check to see if your route will be impacted.

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